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artist statement.

Books reinvented, repaired, and recreated.

Noa Vigny Billick (b. 1997) is a Toronto-based artist who creates books that don't always look like books. Noa's work is largely informed by her Jewish ethnicity, and explores Jewishness and Judaism through an accessible approach. She creates non-traditional books that are meant to be interacted with and shared, encouraging audiences to explore the complexities of diasporic Jewish identity in a meaningful and approachable way. Noa aims to spark dialogue and challenge conventional viewpoints by taking this route toward engagement and learning. Her books feature personal and often funny stories and objects related to Jewish culture, in the hopes of archiving and documenting her and her family's histories. By taking a contemporary approach to tradition, Noa is able to bridge the gap between past and present, creating thoughtful and impactful art.

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