tattoos done by hand, on friends, usually in exchange for art work, food, or something else.

two plants (milkweed and aster) with blue and red circles (peace corps colours) for jace: representing a safe haven (which jace is), traded for a beautiful hand-made wood cutting board. jace offered to be a human canvas for me; these tattoos were a collaborative effort. 

some stars in space, for clarence, traded for a drawing 

a lil strawberry, for clarence, traded for a screen printed shirt

"t4t", in custom fonts, for quentin and mika, a trans* powerhouse couple i am honoured to know

a small globe, for gabe, when they visited me in march

"hell bent", in custom lettering, on jackson, traded for a painting

a square, for luke, as thanks for letting me stay in his dorm room in nyc

a hand holding flowers, for alex, as a token of new friendship

a red crown, for claire, a queen, traded for some beautiful lemon earrings

everything is a-ok (kind of), for sarah, as always

a forever running foot, a reminder for mika

some words of wisdom from the norwegian show skam, for my best friend sarah

a happy rain drop, on ally

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